Additional file 1 of Rheumatoid arthritis sera antibodies to citrullinated collagen type II bind to joint cartilage

Qixing Li, Yanpeng Li, Bibo Liang, Rui Xu, Bingze Xu, Erik Lönnblom, Hui Feng, Jing’an Bai, Roma Stawikowska, Changrong Ge, Aiping Lu, Gregg B. Fields, Lianbo Xiao & Rikard Holmdahl
Additional file 1: Supplementary Table S1. Cyclic human COL2 peptide sequences (ACC10 and their corresponding arginine peptides). Amino acids differing from mouse are indicated in italic. Supplementary Table S2. Detailed information of antibody response to ACC10 in different sera subset. Supplementary Table S3. Information of other antigen peptides. Supplementary Table S4. Triple-helical COL2 peptide sequences. Supplementary Table S5. Peptides to which private sera have specific responses. Fig. S1. Some characteristics from patients with promiscuous or...
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