Additional file 1 of TSH levels within the normal range and risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality among individuals with diabetes

Ping Zhu, Guojuan Lao, Chuping Chen, Lihui Luo, Jing Gu & Jianmin Ran
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Weighted Kaplan–Meier survival curves for all-cause (A) and CVD (B) mortality based on tertiles of TSH levels among patients with diabetes. The low-normal TSH (tertile 1) indicates serum TSH levels of 0.39 to 1.30 mIU/L; medium-normal TSH (tertile 2), serum TSH levels of 1.30 to 2.09 mIU/L; and high-normal TSH (tertile 3), serum TSH levels of 2.09 to 4.60 mIU/L.
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