Additional file 3 of Opposing effects of apoE2 and apoE4 on microglial activation and lipid metabolism in response to demyelination

Na Wang, Minghui Wang, Suren Jeevaratnam, Cassandra Rosenberg, Tadafumi C. Ikezu, Francis Shue, Sydney V. Doss, Alla Alnobani, Yuka A. Martens, Melissa Wren, Yan W. Asmann, Bin Zhang, Guojun Bu & Chia-Chen Liu
Additional file 3: Figure sup 3. Similar levels of astrogliosis were observed in apoE-TR mice upon cuprizone-induced demyelination. The astrogliosis in the CC area of CTL (n=5/genotype) and CPZ-treated (n=5-6/genotype) apoE-TR mice was examined by immunostaining for GFAP. (A) Representative images of GFAP+astrocytes in the CC area of apoE-TR mice are shown. Scale bar, 100 µm. (B) The morphology of GFAP+astrocytes in apoE-TR mice are shown. Scale bar, 25 µm. (C) The fold change of...
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