Additional file 2 of Editing of the rice importin gene IMPα1b results in sequestration of TAL effectors from plant cell nuclei

Jinfeng Peng, Jingyuan Nie, Xiaochen Chen, Liyuan Zhang, Xiaohui Yao, Ping Li, Huicong Shi, Congfeng Song & Hansong Dong
Additional file 2. Figure S1. Split-ubiquitin-based yeast two-hybrid (SUB-Y2H) and luciferin (Luc) living fluorescence imaging (LLFI) assays of protein combinations between PthXo1 and different variants of OsIMPα1b and OsIMPα1a (shown as IMPα1b and IMPα1a in this figure). Figure S2. CRISPR/Cas9-based OsIMPα1a gene editing and viability of OsIMPα1a-edited (OsIMPα1a-ED) and OsIMPα1b-edited (OsIMPα1b-ED) rice lines. Figure S3. Plants growing in the specific rice-growing pond and representing plant populations of the wild type (Nipponbare) and OsIMPα1b-edited lines (OsIMPα1b-ED#6...
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