Additional file 1 of Intensity-adjustable pain management with prolonged duration based on phase-transitional nanoparticles-assisted ultrasound imaging-guided nerve blockade

Bin Qiao, Xinye Song, Weiyi Zhang, Ming Xu, Bowen Zhuang, Wei Li, Huanling Guo, Wenxin Wu, Guangliang Huang, Minru Zhang, Xiaoyan Xie, Nan Zhang, Yong Luan & Chunyang Zhang
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Optical microscope photographs of RLBP and RBC membrane-constructed nanoparticles. The magnification of the picture is 40×. Figure S2. The UV–Vis spectrum of RBCM, LIP-PFP, levobupivacaine, and RLBP. Figure S3. The absorbance UV–Vis spectrum of the levobupivacaine in our study. Figure S4. Calcein-AM and PI co-staining images of the RLBP nanoparticles with or without ultrasound irradiation. Figure S5. Generation of ROS by DCFH staining of DRG cells after being treated with...
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