Additional file 11 of PI3K/AKT signaling allows for MAPK/ERK pathway independency mediating dedifferentiation-driven treatment resistance in melanoma

Eyleen Corrales, Ella Levit-Zerdoun, Patrick Metzger, Ralf Mertes, Ariane Lehmann, Julia Münch, Steffen Lemke, Silke Kowar & Melanie Boerries
Additional file 10. Fig. S1. Cell cycle analysis and sensitivity to inhibitors in BRAFV600E mutant MaMel cells. Fig. S2. Apoptotic and proliferative response of BRAFV600E mutant MaMel cells under inhibition. Fig. S3. MITF/AXL ratios in BRAFV600E mutant MaMel cells. Fig. S4. Over-represented targets of transcription factors within groups of genes correlated with the degree of resistance in BRAFV600E mutant MaMel cells. Fig. S5. Transcriptome profiles of melanoma cells with different NRAS/BRAF mutation status and degrees...
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