Additional file 1 of Latent class analysis of imaging and clinical respiratory parameters from patients with COVID-19-related ARDS identifies recruitment subphenotypes

Daan F. L. Filippini, Elisa Di Gennaro, Rombout B. E. van Amstel, Ludo F. M. Beenen, Salvatore Grasso, Luigi Pisani, Lieuwe D. J. Bos & Marry R. Smit
Additional file 1: formulas used. Figure S1: correlation plots. Stepwise description of discarded variables due to correlation. Missing data. Figure S2a: density plots of imputed variables. Figure S2b: strip plots of imputed variables. Table S1: main outcomes and transitions between complete case and imputation models. Figure S3a: profile plot of all recruitable subphenotypes. Figure S3b: profile plot of all non-recruitable subphenotypes. Figure S4: alluvial plot of patient flow among models. Table S2: changes per lung...
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