Comparative transcriptomic analysis reveals candidate genes for seasonal breeding in the male Lion-Head goose

Bingjin Lin, Xiaoli Zhou, Danli Jiang, Xu Shen, Hongjia Ouyang, Wanyan Li, Danning Xu, Lingzhao Fang, Yunbo Tian, Xiujin Li & Yunmao Huang
1. Due to seasonal breeding, geese breeds from Southern China have low egg yield. The genetic makeup underlying performance of local breeds is largely unknown, and few studies have investigated this problem. This study integrated 21 newly generated and 50 publicly existing RNA-seq libraries, representing the hypothalamus, pituitary and testis, to identify candidate genes and importantly related pathways associated with seasonal breeding in male Lion-Head geese. 2. In total, 19, 119 and 302 differentially expressed...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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