Multilocus molecular phylogenetic-led discovery and formal recognition of four novel root-colonizing Fusarium species from northern Kazakhstan and the phylogenetically divergent Fusarium steppicola lineage

Galiya K. Akhmetova, Dániel G. Knapp, Göksel Özer, Kerry O’Donnell, Imane Laraba, Aldabergen Kiyas, Vladimir Zabolotskich, Gábor M. Kovács & Orsolya Molnár
In this study, DNA sequence data were used to characterize 290 Fusarium strains isolated during a survey of root-colonizing endophytic fungi of agricultural and nonagricultural plants in northern Kazakhstan. The Fusarium collection was screened for species identity using partial translation elongation factor 1-α (TEF1) gene sequences. Altogether, 16 different Fusarium species were identified, including eight known and four novel species, as well as the discovery of the phylogenetically divergent F. steppicola lineage. Isolates of the...
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