Hurdle technology based on the use of microencapsulated pepsin, trypsin and carvacrol to eradicate Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococcus faecalis biofilms

Samah Mechmechani, Adem Gharsallaoui, Khaled El Omari, Alexandre Fadel, Monzer Hamze & Nour-Eddine Chihib
The biofilm lifestyle plays a major role in the resistance and virulence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococcus faecalis. In this study, two microencapsulated proteases (pepsin ME-PEP and trypsin ME-TRYP) were evaluated for their biofilm dispersal activity and their synergistic effect with microencapsulated carvacrol (ME-CARV). Spray-drying was used to protect enzymes and essential oil and enhance their activities. Cell count analysis proved the synergistic activity of enzymes and carvacrol treatment as biofilms were further reduced after...
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