Stable sulphur isotope (δ34S) ratios in bird feathers from India indicate strong segregation between the Himalaya and Gangetic plain, and the rest of India

Yuvraj Date, Shreyas Managave, Girish Jathar, Rahul Khot & Keith A. Hobson
Although stable hydrogen (δ2H) and carbon (δ13C) isotopic compositions of bird feathers have been increasingly used to understand the migration of birds through assignment of individuals to established isoscapes, far less is known about the structure of feather isoscapes based on stable sulphur isotope (δ34S) assays. While δ2H isoscapes have been used to investigate the migratory origins of the Globe Skimmer (Pantala flavescens) dragonfly in India, no isotope studies have been applied to avian migration...
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