Speedometer for withdrawal time monitoring during colonoscopy: a clinical implementation trial

Ishita Barua, Masashi Misawa, Jeremy R. Glissen Brown, Trent Walradt, Shin-ei Kudo, Sunil G. Sheth, Judy Nee, Johanna Iturrino, Rupa Mukherjee, Catherine P. Cheney, Mandeep S. Sawhney, Douglas K. Pleskow, Kensaku Mori, Magnus Løberg, Mette Kalager, Paulina Wieszczy, Michael Bretthauer, Tyler M. Berzin & Yuichi Mori
Meticulous inspection of the mucosa during colonoscopy, represents a lengthier withdrawal time, but has been shown to increase adenoma detection rate (ADR). We investigated if artificial intelligence-aided speed monitoring can improve suboptimal withdrawal time. We evaluated the implementation of a computer-aided speed monitoring device during colonoscopy at a large academic endoscopy center. After informed consent, patients ≥18 years undergoing colonoscopy between 5 March and 29 April 2021 were examined without the use of the speedometer,...
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