Advances in pharmacology, biosynthesis, and metabolic engineering of Scutellaria-specialized metabolites

Xinyi Yang, Sihao Zheng, Xiaotong Wang, Jing Wang, Syed Basit Ali shah, Yu Wang, Ranran Gao & Zhichao Xu
Scutellaria Linn., which belongs to the family Lamiaceae, is a commonly used medicinal plant for heat clearing and detoxification. In particular, the roots of S. baicalensis and the entire herb of S. barbata have been widely used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. The main active components of Scutellaria, including: baicalein, wogonin, norwogonin, scutellarein, and their glycosides have potential or existing drug usage. However, the wild resources of Scutellaria plants have been overexploited, and...
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