A systematic investigation of complement and coagulation-related protein in autism spectrum disorder by multiple reaction monitoring technology

Xueshan Cao, Xiaoxiao Tang, Chengyun Feng, Jing Lin, Huajie Zhang, Qiong Liu, Qihong Zheng, Hongbin Zhuang, Xukun Liu, Haiying Li, Naseer Ullah Khan & Liming Shen
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one of the common neurodevelopmental disorders in children. Its etiology and pathogenesis are poorly understood. Previous studies suggest potential changes in the complement and coagulation pathways in individuals with ASD.The etiology and pathogenesis have not been clarified. Studies have shown that complement and coagulation pathway were related to ASD. In this study, using multiple reaction monitoring proteomic technology, 16 of the 33 proteins involved in this pathway were identified as...
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