Discovery of coumaric acid derivatives hinted by coastal marine source to seek for uric acid lowering agents

Yu-Shun Yang, Bin Wang, Junzhong Liu, Qin Li, Qin-Cai Jiao & Pei Qin
In this work, a series of novel compounds Spartinin C1-C24 were screened, synthesised and evaluated for inhibiting xanthine oxidase thus lowering serum uric acid level. The backbones were derived from the components of coastal marine source Spartina alterniflora and marketed drugs. The top hits Spartinin C10 & C22 suggested high inhibition percentages (78.54 and 93.74) at 10 μM dosage, which were higher than the positive control Allopurinol. They were low cytotoxic onto human normal hepatocyte...
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