NLR family CARD domain containing 5 promotes hypoxia-induced cancer progress and carboplatin resistance by activating PI3K/AKT via carcinoembryonic antigen related cell adhesion molecule 1 in non-small cell lung cancer

Yu Dong, Tao Xu, Dongfan Li, Hua Guo, Xusheng Du, Guangshun Li, Jiakuan Chen, Bo Wang, Peng Wang, Gang Yu, Xuan Zhao & Ruiqi Xue
It is well known that non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is a malignant tumor with high incidence in the world. We aimed to clarify a possible target and identify its precise molecular biological mechanism in NSCLC. NLR family CARD domain containing 5 (NLRC5) is widely expressed in tissues and exerts a vital role in anti-tumor immunity. We determined NLRC5 expression by RT-qPCR and western blot assay. The role of NLRC5 in the development of NSCLC...
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