Biomarkers of oxidative stress in urine and plasma of operators at six Singapore printing centers and their association with several metrics of printer-emitted nanoparticle exposures

Dhimiter Bello, Lucia Chanetsa, Costas A. Christophi, Dilpreet Singh, Magdiel Inggrid Setyawati, David C. Christiani, Sanjay H. Chotirmall, Kee Woei Ng & Philip Demokritou
Inhalation of nanoparticles emitted from toner-based printing equipment (TPE), such as laser printers and photocopiers, also known as PEPs, has been associated with systemic inflammation, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, and genotoxicity. Global serum metabolomics analysis in 19 healthy TPE operators found 52 dysregulated biomolecules involved in upregulation of inflammation, immune, and antioxidant responses and downregulation of cellular energetics and cell proliferation. Here, we build on the metabolomics study by investigating the association of a...
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