Experimental investigation on the degradation of polymer-containing oily sludge in sub-/supercritical water

Pai Peng, Gaoyun Wang, Linhu Li, Hui Ge, Hui Jin & Liejin Guo
Polymer-containing oily sludge (PCOS) has caused tremendous hazards with the broad application of polymer flooding technology. Traditional methods cannot meet the treatment demand due to the high-water content of PCOS. In this work, the degradation of PCOS in sub-/supercritical water is studied to explore an appropriate treatment method. The influence of residence time (15–90 min), temperature (340–700°C), catalysts (sulfates, carbonates, and alkalis), and co-solvents (methanol-water and ethanol-water) on the distribution of end products is studied...
1 citation reported since publication in 2023.
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