NAT10 mediated mRNA acetylation modification patterns associated with colon cancer progression and microsatellite status

Hailin Zhang, Wenqing Shan, Zhenwei Yang, Yangyang Zhang, Meng Wang, Liping Gao, Lingxiu Zeng, Qiu Zhao & Jing Liu
N4-acetylcytidine (ac4C) is one type of RNA modification found in eukaryotes. RNA acetylation modifications are gradually expanding in oncology. However, the role of RNA acetylation modifications in colorectal cancer and its association with colorectal cancer microsatellite status remain unclear. Using public databases and in vitro experiments, we verified the expression and biological function of NAT10, as the key RNA acetylation modification enzyme, in colorectal cancer. The results showed that NAT10 was highly expressed in colorectal...
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