MC3/SAINT-O-Somes, a novel liposomal delivery system for efficient and safe delivery of siRNA into endothelial cells

Yutong He, Mees Barlag, Josée A. Plantinga, Grietje Molema & Jan A. A. M. Kamps
Increased understanding of chronic inflammatory diseases and the role of endothelial cell (EC) activation herein, have urged interest in sophisticated strategies to therapeutically intervene in activated EC to treat these diseases. Liposome-mediated delivery of therapeutic siRNA in inflammation-activated EC is such a strategy. In this study, we describe the design and characterisation of two liposomal siRNA delivery systems formulated with the cationic MC3 lipid or MC3/SAINT mixed lipids, referred to as MC3-O-Somes (MOS) and MC3/SAINT-O-Somes...
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