Persistent changes in expression of genes involved in inflammation and fibrosis in the lungs of rats exposed to airborne lunar dust

Ye Zhang, Michael Story, Samrawit Yeshitla, Xiaoyu Wang, Robert R. Scully, Corey Theriot, Honglu Wu, Valerie E. Ryder & Chiu-wing Lam
NASA is currently planning return missions to the Moon for further exploration and research. The Moon is covered by a layer of potentially reactive fine dust, which could pose a toxicological risk of exposure to explorers. To assess this risk, we exposed rats to lunar dust (LD) that was collected during the Apollo14 mission. Rats were exposed to respirable sizes of LD at concentrations of 0, 2.1, 6.8, 20.8, or 60.6 mg/m3 for 4 weeks....
1 citation reported since publication in 2023.
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