Supplement 1. The data and R source describing statistical analyses (particularly the information-theoretic approach).

Cristian Correa & Andrew P. Hendry
File List Galaxias_eclipsed_by_aliens-RCode.R (md5: fc6e794b5c6fc3d6aeddf0a0e9e2f7cd) Galaxias_eclipsed_by_aliens-Data.csv (md5: 9686361dbb5fe4416852e983afa7b334) Description The R source code “Galaxias_eclipsed_by_aliens-RCode.R” is used to manipulate and analyze the data contained in the “Galaxias_eclipsed_by_aliens-Data.csv” file. Specifically, the code imports the data; conducts principal component analyses on fish catch-per-unit effort (CPUE) data and calculates the fish’s indices of abundance; compares environmental variables between invaded and uninvaded lakes; fits all models in the model set (Table 1, main article); rank the fitted models and produces...
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