Supplementary Material for: Identification of Infection- and Defense-Related Genes via a Dynamic Host-Pathogen Interaction Network Using a Candida Albicans-Zebrafish Infection Model

Z.-Y. Kuo, Y.-J. Chuang, C.-C. Chao, F.-C. Liu, C.-Y. Lan & B.-S. Chen
Candida albicans infections and candidiasis are difficult to treat and create very serious therapeutic challenges. In this study, based on interactive time profile microarray data of C. albicans and zebrafish during infection, the infection-related protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks of the two species and the intercellular PPI network between host and pathogen were simultaneously constructed by a dynamic interaction model, modeled as an integrated network consisting of intercellular invasion and cellular defense processes during infection. The...
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