Additional file 1 of Linc00152 promotes malignant progression of glioma stem cells by regulating miR-103a-3p/FEZF1/CDC25A pathway

Mingjun Yu, Yixue Xue, Jian Zheng, Xiaobai Liu, Hai Yu, Libo Liu, Zhen Li & Yunhui Liu
Isolation and identification of GSCs. A. a, c: Cells grew into spheres in serum-free medium. b, d: Spheres generated again from a single cell. B. Individual undifferentiated GSCs-87 and GSCs-251 stained for Nestin (green) and CD133 (red) by immunofluorescence analysis. C. Cell spheres were differentiated and then stained for GFAP (green) and β-tubulin III (red) by immunofluorescence analysis. Nuclei (blue) were labeled with DAPI. Images are representative of independent experiments (n = 5). Scale bars...
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