Supplementary Material for: Histamine Iontophoresis as in vivo Model to Study Human Skin Inflammation with Minimal Barrier Impairment: Pilot Study Results of Application of the Model to a Sensitive Skin Panel

D. Falcone, N. Uzunbajakava, R. Richters, Van De Kerkhof P.C.M. & Van Erp P.E.J.
Background/Aims: Histamine iontophoresis is known to elicit itch and a wheal-and-flare reaction; however, its impact on the skin barrier and underlying compartments has not been thoroughly evaluated yet. The primary objective of this study was to characterize that using immunohistochemistry, biophysical measurements, and image analysis, and secondly, to explore whether skin reactions to this model differ in sensitive skin (SS). Methods: Eighteen healthy subjects, n = 9 with SS and n = 9 with non-sensitive...
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