Late Cretaceous basalts and rhyolites from Shimaoshan Group in eastern Fujian Province, SE China: age, petrogenesis, and tectonic implications

, , Yan-Hui Suo, Li-Ming Dai, Ling-Li Guo, & Pei-Jun Lin
Southeastern China is characterized by an extensive Late Mesozoic (Yanshanian) tectono-magmatic-metallogenic event. Although Late Cretaceous volcanism gradually weakened during the epilogue of the Yanshanian event, its petrogenesis and geodynamic processes remain unclear. In this study, we present new zircon U–Pb–Hf isotopic, whole-rock elemental, and Sr–Nd isotopic compositions data, for volcanic rocks from the Zhaixia Formation of the Shimaoshan Group in Fujian Province. The lower member of the Zhaixia Formation consists of basalts and rhyolites, and...
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