Example wiki content for RDFIO demonstrator I: OrphaNet data imported into Semantic MediaWiki

Samuel Lampa, Egon Willighagen, Pekka Kohonen, ALISON KING, Denny Vrandečić, Roland Grafström & Ola Spjuth
This file is a MediaWiki XML dump of the wiki content generated for Demonstrator I in the RDFIO article [1], importing the open part of the OrphaNet dataset [2], converted to RDF in the Bio2RDF project [3].
They are exported using a command like:

php maintenance/dumpBackup.php --current | gzip -c > FILENAME.xml.gz

They can be imported into a Semantic MediaWiki enabled MediaWiki wiki, using the command:

php maintenance/importDump.php FILENAME.xml.gz

License information

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