Notch1 regulates tongue cancer cells proliferation, apoptosis and invasion

Rui-Huan Gan, Hua Wei, Jing Xie, Dan-Ping Zheng, , Xiao-Yu Huang, Jian Xie, Yong Zhao, , Bo-Hua Su, Li-Song Lin, Da-Li Zheng &
Objectives: Notch1 regulates tumor biology in a complex, context-dependent manner. The roles of Notch1 in tongue cancer are still controversial. The aim of this study is to investigate the roles of Notch1 in tongue cancer. Materials and Methods: The expression of Notch1 was tested between tongue cancer and normal samples by using immunohistochemistry. Tongue cancer cells were transfected with siRNA or plasmid, respectively. Cell proliferation, apoptosis, migration and invasion ability were tested in appropriate ways....
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