Additional file 2: Figure S1. of Molecular screening of tsetse flies and cattle reveal different Trypanosoma species including T. grayi and T. theileri in northern Cameroon

Sen Ngomtcho, Judith Weber, Elisabeth Ngo Bum, Thaddeus Gbem, Sørge Kelm & Mbunkah Achukwi
Alignment showing the identification of T. grayi. The ITS1 fragment of 314 bp length was amplified with ITS1-InF and ITS1-InR from a tsetse fly gut sample (ID 237-51-00211-1-40-10, G. tachinoides, Additional file 1: Table S4), was subcloned, sequenced as described under Methods and the 314 bp sequence (MG234546) was then aligned against the corresponding fragment of genomic DNA from T. grayi ANR4 (JMRU01000589) as described in Methods. (PDF 13 kb)
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