Additional file 3: of Strain-dependent effects of clinical echovirus 30 outbreak isolates at the blood-CSF barrier

Tobias Dahm, Ortwin Adams, Sindy Boettcher, Sabine Diedrich, Vasily Morozov, Grant Hansman, Petra Fallier-Becker, Sebastian Schädler, Claus Burkhardt, Christel Weiss, Carolin Stump-Guthier, Hiroshi Ishikawa, Horst Schroten, Christian Schwerk, Tobias Tenenbaum & Henriette Rudolph
Paracellular PMN migration across HIBCPP in FIB/SEM-inverted images. FIB/SEM serial sections of paracellular polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMN) migration through HIBCPP cells. Shows inverted SEM images from the condition HIBCPP+PMN + T-cells+E-30 + IL8. The video shows a paracellular migrating PMN presented in Fig. 8a, b in orthoslices. (AVI 12638 kb)
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