Additional file 9: of Strain-dependent effects of clinical echovirus 30 outbreak isolates at the blood-CSF barrier

Tobias Dahm, Ortwin Adams, Sindy Boettcher, Sabine Diedrich, Vasily Morozov, Grant Hansman, Petra Fallier-Becker, Sebastian Schädler, Claus Burkhardt, Christel Weiss, Carolin Stump-Guthier, Hiroshi Ishikawa, Horst Schroten, Christian Schwerk, Tobias Tenenbaum & Henriette Rudolph
Despite longer incubation periods, 13-759 and 14-397 do not show an impact on barrier integrity. Barrier integrity of HIBCPP cells was evaluated via measurement of the transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) (A) at indicated time points after infection with E-30 Bastianni, 13-311, 13-759, or 14-397. TEER values at the start of the experiment (white bars), after 24 h (light gray) and after 48 h (dark gray) are shown.Data are shown as mean + SD of 2...
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