Additional file 7: of X chromosome dosage and presence of SRY shape sex-specific differences in DNA methylation at an autosomal region in human cells

Bianca Ho, Keelin Greenlaw, Abeer Al Tuwaijri, Sanny Moussette, Francisco Martínez, Elisa Giorgio, Alfredo Brusco, Giovanni Ferrero, Natália Linhares, , Marta Svartman, Vera Kalscheuer, Germán Rodríguez Criado, Catherine Laprise, Celia Greenwood & Anna Naumova
Figure S3. Scatter plot of the first (PC1) and second (PC2) eigenvectors from a principal component analysis of methylation levels at 10 CpGs near the ZPBP2 transcriptional start site. The first principal component explains 59.2% of the variance in methylation levels. Points are colored by groups defined by presence of SRY and the number of X chromosomes. (DOCX 118 kb)
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