MOESM1 of Two inhibitors of yeast plasma membrane ATPase 1 (ScPma1p): toward the development of novel antifungal therapies

Sabine Ottilie, Gregory Goldgof, Andrea Cheung, Jennifer Walker, Edgar Vigil, Kenneth Allen, Yevgeniya Antonova-Koch, Carolyn Slayman, Yo Suzuki & Jacob Durrant
Additional file 1: Table S1. A list of additional antifungal compounds found in our whole-cell screen. Figure S1. IC50 curves for the cell-free, vesicle-based ScPma1p assays. Figure S2. IC50 curves for the whole-cell assays. Figure S3. Compound IC50 values against whole-cell ABC16-Monster yeast, with and without two distinct spiroindolone-binding-pocket ScPMA1 mutations (L290S and P399T).
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