Antifungal activity of Annona coriacea Mart. ethanol extracts against the aetiological agents of cryptococcosis

Adriana Araújo De Almeida-Apolonio, Fabiana Gomes Da Silva Dantas, Allan Belarmino Rodrigues, Claudia Andréa Lima Cardoso, Melyssa Negri, Kelly Mari Pires De Oliveira & Marilene Rodrigues Chang
Cryptococcosis is an opportunistic disease with a worldwide distribution. This disease is caused by fungi of the genus Cryptococcus, and its treatment is limited to several antifungals. In this study, the antifungal, cytotoxic and mutagenic properties of ethanol extracts from the bark and leaves of Annona coriacea were evaluated against the standard Cryptococcus species and clinical yeast specimens. Both extracts of A. coriacea showed inhibitory activity of 1.5 mg/mL for all of the yeasts tested....
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