Additional file 4: of Integrated analyses of multi-omics reveal global patterns of methylation and hydroxymethylation and screen the tumor suppressive roles of HADHB in colorectal cancer

Yimin Zhu, Hanlin Lu, Dandan Zhang, Meiyan Li, Xiaohui Sun, Ledong Wan, Dan Yu, Yiping Tian, Hongchuan Jin, Aifen Lin, Fei Gao & Maode Lai
Figure S3. Methylation and hydroxymethylation levels distribution in different types of genomic elements. Normal is shown by green, and tumor is shown by red. TSS: transcriptional start sites; TES: transcriptional end sites; CGI: CpG islands; LTR: long terminal repeat; SINE: short interspersed nuclear elements; LINE: long interspersed nuclear elements. *, P 
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