Additional file 12: of Genome-wide identification, phylogeny, evolution, and expression patterns of MtN3/saliva/SWEET genes and functional analysis of BcNS in Brassica rapa

, , , , , Jia Li, , , , Li Huang, &
Figure S6. Positive detection of transgenic Chinese cabbage (B. campestris ssp. chinensis var. parachinensis). A, PCR amplification detection. Lane 1, marker; Lane 2, amplification results of the negative control, water; Lane 3, amplification results of the positive control, 35S-pCAM1BIA1301; Lanes 4–8, amplification results of the positive control, 35S-pCAM1IA1301; Lanes 9–19 amplification results of the 35 s-BcNS transformants. B and C, X-Gluc histochemical staining detection of calluses and leaves. D, Fluorogenic quantitative PCR detection; WT, wild...
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