Additional file 1: of Facile One-Step Sonochemical Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of Graphene/Ag3PO4 Quantum Dots Composites

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Figure S1. TEM images of rGO/Ag3PO4 QDs (stirring method). Figure S2. The plots of (ιhν)2 versus Eg of Ag3PO4 QDs, R-1.5, R-2, R-2.3, R-2.5, and R-3. Figure S3. (a) Photocatalyticdegradation of MB by R-2.3 prepared by different mass of surfactant and (b) apparent rate constants (k) of samples for photocatalytic degradation of MB. Figure S4. (a) Photocatalytic degradation of MB, MO, and RhB byR-2.3, (b) apparent rate constants (k) of sample for photocatalytic degradation of...
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