Additional file 5: of Along for the ride or missing it altogether: exploring the host specificity and diversity of haemogregarines in the Canary Islands

Beatriz Tomé, Ana Pereira, Fátima Jorge, Miguel Carretero, D. James Harris & Ana Perera
Figure S1. Networks of the haemogregarine haplotypes infecting Gallotia, Chalcides (a) and Tarentola lizards (b). Represented is the network estimations performed with TCS. Black nodes represent mutations, while coloured ones correspond to the sequences of Canarian haemogregarines (colours match the ones used in Fig. 3), and the white ones correspond to the remaining samples. The network of a includes the samples of the haemogregarine clade from lacertid, snake, skink and varanid hosts (as identified in...
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