Development of a Novel and Simple Electroanalytical Procedure for the Determination of Copper in Biofuel Employing a Sensor Based on Vulcan Functionalized with Carbazone

Tayane A. Freitas, Manoel J. A. Lima, Aldaléa L. B. Marques, Edmar P. Marques, Rita C. S. Luz & Cicero W. B. Bezerra
A novel and simple electroanalytical method for the determination of Cu2+ in biodiesel samples by stripping voltammetric analysis was developed. The method employs a carbon paste electrode (CPE) modified with Vulcan carbon, previouly functionalized with carbazone (CBZ). The CPE/Vulcan-CBZ sensor promoted a significant increase in the analytical signal obtained from copper as compared to unmodified CPE, and the CPE modified with Vulcan carbon (CPE/ Vulcan). Vulcan-CBZ, Vulcan and CBZ materials were characterized by Fourier transform...
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