MOESM6 of Reference gene identification for reliable normalisation of quantitative RT-PCR data in Setaria viridis

Duc Nguyen, Andrew Eamens & Christopher Grof
Additional file 6: Figure S3. Profiling of the expression of SvCAD3, SvCAD5, SvCAD6 and SvCAD7 following normalisation with the most suitable, and the least suitable, set of reference genes. Aâ D RT-qPCR data to profile the expression of SvCADs, SvCAD3 (A; Sevir.6G025000), SvCAD5 (B; Sevir6G024400), SvCAD6 (C; Sevir7G014100), and SvCAD7 (D; Sevir7G245600) was normalised using the set of the three most suitable reference genes (ASPR6, DUSP and PP2A) and with the set of the three...
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