MOESM3 of A long noncoding RNA promotes cellulase expression in Trichoderma reesei

Petra Till, Marion Pucher, Robert Mach & Astrid Mach-Aigner
Additional file 3. Curves of RT-qPCR for the detection of the hax1 transcript in T. reesei QM6a. T. reesei QM6a was cultivated on 1% d-glucose (brown) or without carbon source (blue). The qPCR was performed with primer pair up-hax1 for_2 and hax1 rev 1.Intron (compare Fig. 2c, PCR 2). Analysis was performed in technical triplicates. A no template control (red) and a negative control (yellow) were included in the run. Measured fluorescence is plotted against...
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