MOESM1 of Moment tensor inversion of the 2016 southeast offshore Mie earthquake in the Tonankai region using a three-dimensional velocity structure model: effects of the accretionary prism and subducting oceanic plate

Shunsuke Takemura, Takeshi Kimura, Tatsuhiko Saito, & Katsuhiko Shiomi
Additional file 1: Figure S1. shows the results of 1D analysis for effects of accretionary prism on Love wave propagation.Waveform fittings of MT result of the 2016 SE offshore Mie earthquake using sJIVSM are illustrated in Figure S2. FigureS3 shows estimated focal mechanism via additional MT inversions using the JIVSM with ¹ 0.1°source grids. Figure S4 iscomparison of P wave propagation between observation and simulations. Figure S5 is traveltimes and polarizations offirst-arrival P waves of...
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