MOESM6 of A long noncoding RNA promotes cellulase expression in Trichoderma reesei

Petra Till, Marion Pucher, Robert Mach & Astrid Mach-Aigner
Additional file 6. RT-qPCR of the three hax1 versions in QM9414 disruption strains. Analysis of the formation of hax1 transcripts, i.e., hax1QM6a (graph on top), hax1QM9414 (graph in the middle) and hax1Rut-C30 (graph at the bottom), in QM9414_Dhax1_8 (green) and QM9414_Dhax1_14 (blue) and their parent strain QM9414 as a positive control (grey). The cDNAs used as templates were derived from cultivation on lactose for 48Â h (QM9414_Dhax1 strains) or replacement to medium without carbon source...
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