Supplementary-Figure 1 from Epigenetic and genetic variation among three separate introductions of the house sparrow (Passer domesticus) into Australia

E. L. Sheldon, A. Schrey, S. C. Andrew, A. Ragsdale & S. C. Griffith
Across all sites (n=15) we detected a significant negative relationship between %Poly and He /Ar. (%Poly and He = -241.16, t13 = -3.10, P = 0.006, R2 = 0.43; %Poly and for Ar = -5.88, t13 = -3.07, P = 0.007, R2 = 0.42), epi-h also had a trend showing a negative relationship (that approached significance) with He and Ar (epi-h and He = -0.96, t13 = -1.99, P = 0.069, R2 = 0.23; epi-h...
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