Prozostrodon brasiliensis, a probainognathian cynodont from the Late Triassic of Brazil: second record and improvements on its dental anatomy

Cristian P. Pacheco, Agustín G. Martinelli, Ane E. B. Pavanatto, Marina B. Soares & Sérgio Dias-Da-Silva
Probainognathian cynodonts are conspicuous elements of the Assemblage Zones of the Triassic Santa Maria Supersequence in southern Brazil. Within this group, the derived clade Prozostrodontia, in which the crown group Mammalia is included, is taxonomic diverse in the Hyperodapedon and Riograndia AZs. We describe here the second known specimen (CAPPA/UFSM 0123) of Prozostrodon brasiliensis, until now only represented by its holotype. CAPPA/UFSM 0123 includes a right dentary with dentition. As in the holotype of P....
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