New systematic and phylogenetic data about the early Barremian Iguanodon galvensis (Ornithopoda: Iguanodontoidea) from Spain

Francisco Javier Verdú, Rafael Royo-Torres, Alberto Cobos & Luis Alcalá
Iguanodon galvensis is the second valid species in the European and Barremian large-ornithopod genus Iguanodon. In the present work, the I. galvensis holotype and referred material from the lower Barremian of Spain are described and discussed in detail. As a result, emended diagnoses of Iguanodon, I. galvensis and I. bernissartensis are proposed; I. galvensis can now be identified by three autapomorphies in the dentary, ischium and femur as well as a unique combination of characters....
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