Effects of ionizing radiation on bio-active plant extracts useful for preventing oxidative damages

Nadia Mulinacci, Alessio Valletta, Valentina Pasqualetti, Marzia Innocenti, Camilla Giuliani, Maria Bellumori, Giulia De Angelis, Alessia Carnevale, Vittoria Locato, Cristina Di Venanzio, Laura De Gara & Gabriella Pasqua
Humans are exposed to ionizing radiations in medical radiodiagnosis and radiotherapy that cause oxidative damages and degenerative diseases. Airplane pilots, and even more astronauts, are exposed to a variety of potentially harmful factors, including cosmic radiations. Among the phytochemicals, phenols are particularly efficient in countering the oxidative stress. In the present study, different extracts obtained from plant food, plant by-products and dietary supplements, have been compared for their antioxidant properties before and after irradiation of...
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