Body mass estimation for †Cyonasua (Procyonidae, Carnivora) and related taxa based on postcranial skeleton

Juliana Tarquini, , Leopoldo H. Soibelzon & Cecilia C. Morgan
Procyonidae were the first northern placental carnivorans that reached the Neotropics. They are represented by two extinct genera: †Cyonasua and †Chapalmalania (late Miocene – early Pleistocene). Postcranial elements are only known for †Cyonasua and related taxa (†Parahyaenodon argentinus and †Tetraprothomo argentinus). To obtain highly reliable allometric equations for body mass estimations of fossil procyonids, we performed least squares regressions (multiple and bivariate lineal models) using 51 postcranial linear measurements. The extant sample included 124 taxa...
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