MOESM1 of Genome-wide analysis of gene regulation mechanisms during Drosophila spermatogenesis

Petr Laktionov, Daniil Maksimov, Stanislav Romanov, Polina Antoshina, Olga Posukh, Helen White-Cooper, Dmitry Koryakov & Stepan Belyakin
Additional file 1: Fig. 1. Can, Mip40, Comr, and CG9879 tend to co-localize in the genome. A Can peaks (top plot) and Comr peaks (bottom plot) were centered. The plots show the ratio of observed/expected frequencies of other protein factors as a function of distance from the centers of Can and Comr peaks. In Can peaks, Comr and CG9879 are 17- and 18-fold more frequent than expected by chance. Mip40 protein shows sevenfold enrichment. Random...
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