MOESM20 of Genome-wide analysis of gene regulation mechanisms during Drosophila spermatogenesis

Petr Laktionov, Daniil Maksimov, Stanislav Romanov, Polina Antoshina, Olga Posukh, Helen White-Cooper, Dmitry Koryakov & Stepan Belyakin
Additional file 20: Fig. 16. Effect of mip40 mutation on gene expression in spermatogonia. Expression in mip40; bam double mutants was compared to bam mutants. Up- and down-regulated genes were determined and matched to Mip40 DamID profile in bam mutants. Ordinate: percent of genes in each group having one of transcription factors peaks (TFâ =â Mip40, Comr or Can) in promoter in genotypes indicated on the abscissa. The genes that are up-regulated in mip40; bam...
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